Main Benefits of Trademark Registration

Trademark registration is that the most cost effective and quickest thanks to secure business identity, commercial advantage and market position. Many business owners don’t realize the importance of securing their property rights using trademarks. Registering a trademark grants a bundle of exclusive rights that are only applicable to the owner. Here are a couple of legal and commercial advantages of trademark registration.

Exclusive Rights to the Mark

The main advantage of registering your trademark is exclusivity. this is often the first way of protecting your brand rights during a name or logo. Trademark registration will verify your official ownership of the brand and stop others from employing a matching or confusingly similar mark or related goods and services. Basically, you’re given unlimited protection from cases of misrepresentation and breach of property rights.

Deter Others From Using Your Mark

One of the most reasons to register your mark is to tell the planet that you simply claim the trademark rights. Essentially, you’ve got an automatic right to sue anyone found to be violating your rights. just in case a 3rd party uses your trademark without your consent, you’ll easily seek the acceptable action during a court .

Increase Business Reputation

Promoting your company brand at an early stage is extremely important to the potential development and success of your business. a strong and memorable brand that’s secured by trademark registration may be a reliable legal foundation on which you’ll build the reputation of your business within the market place. Any businesses can create better brand awareness altogether countries that the mark is registered in. Registering your mark also increases the lifetime of your business, which consequently increases customer trust in your company.

Nationwide Priority

This is probably the foremost important advantage of trademark registration. Nation-wide priority provides trademark protection more extensively and you’ll get exclusive nationwide ownership of the trademark. The filing of a trademark application also protects a priority date for the longer term security of your trademark. A priority date is that the date of first use of the mark in trade that gives you with nation-wide priority, with exception to companies that incorporated and filed a trademark before you.