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Althon manufacture and distribute flap valves in HDPE, players iron and stainless stainless steel. Flap valves and flap barriers are a type of the non-return valve (NRV) widely used to prevent flooding as to stop water back-flowing up pipework connecting to ponds, ditches, swales, brooks and marine or tidal environments. Our range including flap valves and flap gates includes wall attached flap valves, tidal flap valves, flange mounted flap valves as well because push fit and tv mounted flap valves. Being standard our HDPE flap valves have a spring design life.

Althon HDPE flap valves can be manufactured returning to suit site specific application requirements and operating fluid pressures. We are in the to design and construction bespoke flap valves during square, rectangular or elliptical trainer openings or provide too reinforced ballast flap valves for when the device is subject to wave s8500 action. Althon flap valves can be factory put in to our precast road headwalls and chambers. Relating to installation on site a lot of people supply with our flap valves an EPDM seal, stainless steel fixings and furthermore chemical anchors Flap Valves The primary application out of flap valves is during surface water drainage applicable with rivers, estuaries as seawater outfalls to avert reverse flow conditions.

Flap valves can remain utilised on final effluent outfalls for sewage technique plant to prevent inundation damage within the is fine. The flap valves should quite possibly be positioned on the outfall structure to avoid all of the build-up of debris present the invert area generally could prevent the device operating correctly. Sufficient fall-away should be provided approximately between the invert of this particular flap valve and each base of the outfall structure. Flap valve function on sea water outfalls should be given consideration due to turbulence of a flow across the flap, particularly when severe innovation action is involved, leading to dislocation of the flap relative to its stamp.

Wherever possible the flap valve should be centered at a shielded position to make sure you minimise the effects related to severe wave action. Pork Baker Adams manufactures good range of flap valves. Generally, most flap valves are of single side type but double letterbox types are also presented. The cast iron series of flap valves is made from traditional materials utilising essentially the most modern production techniques to supply a robust and reliable treatment. Flap valves can be supplied for wall, flange or thimble mounting choices.